Our ICMS ministry began with Canadian and American Christians traveling around the world. During their travels, these private individuals witnessed great poverty and a desperate need for a Saviour. They discovered that by spending relatively small amounts of North American dollars, they were able to influence great physical and spiritual change. They needed an organization to facilitate their mission objectives.

Today, ICMS oversees more than sixty Christian missions in over twenty countries around the world. From Bible schools and orphanages, to self-help, literacy and feeding programs, ICMS ensures that projects are managed according to a strict set of guidelines. ICMS is a registered charity in Canada with Canada Revenue Agency and  in the USA with the Internal Revenue Services. In this capacity we can issue tax receipts for both Canadian and American donations made to the ministries of ICMS. We strive to meet all legal and regulatory matters relating to the operations of Christian Charities in Canada and the United States.

 ICMS is a registered Canadian and US Christian non-profit charitable organization operated by volunteers, and funded by friends like you!