Tuyenge-Congo Community Development Society

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"Working together" to alleviate poverty and facilitate positive sustainable change

Founded by a Canadian couple originally from the eastern Congo, Tuyenge-Congo is a Canadian organization that facilitates transformational participatory development and promotes social justice in communities in the post-conflict zone of eastern Congo through education, equipping, and empowerment.

Based on the expressed needs of the communities we work in, Tuyenge-Congo’s initial focus has been on providing basic education for women.  Beginning in 2011, Tuyenge-Congo has been sponsoring 5 adult academic literacy schools for illiterate women in eastern Congo. In 2012 Tuyenge-Congo has also begun Community Health Evangelism in these communities to promote community empowerment through health education and spiritual mobilization.

It is Tuyenge-Congo’s intention to facilitate holistic, participatory, self-sustaining community development and the organization has secured land for the communities to start an agricultural project that will provide opportunity and income for them to fund their own education and future development projects.