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Itís been 200 years since the Gospel of Jesus Christ was first introduced to Thailand. Yet still only just over one-half of one percent are evangelical Christian. So much work remains to be done!

Vision Thailand Ministries' (VTM) emphasis is evangelism and church planting. VTM uses dedicated, passionate national church planters combined with prayer and financial support from sponsoring churches around the world, to plant new churches.  In 2007 four small Thai churches joined informally together in the beginning of VTM.  At that stage our combined membership was 160 people.

VTM is especially committed to developing and equipping national leaders for the ongoing pioneer church planting vision. VTM has established a church planting and leadership development school (CPS), led by qualified, theologically trained Thai pastors. We have students studying while they plant churches under the supervision of a senior Thai pastor. We invite you to consider adopting a “Church Planting Student” for as little as USD $100 to $180 a month, depending on region where they are planting churches.

We invite you to partner with VTM under our “Adopt a National Church Planter” program. VTM is determined to fulfil our responsibility to the “Great Commission” of Jesus Christ in Thailand and surrounding nations. Our church members and trained church planters proclaim the message of salvation in Jesus Christ at every opportunity, but we need partners and key supporters of the great commission for this nation. We welcome your partnership in the gospel, and invite you to find out more on how you can adopt/sponsor a new church plant. 

VTM has a full time evangelism & outreach team we call the Dream Team. We primarily work with Thai speakers, but have several VTM churches reaching tribal people groups of various languages. We have a church reaching Africans in Thailand, and churches ministering to Pakistani refugees. Other VT churches have ministries to Laotians, Cambodians, Vietnamese, Burmese, etc. working in Thailand and across borders.  Many of our churches focus on children and youth ministries, as well as other specific target groups such as factory workers. Whatever group you have a burden for, we welcome your partnership in the gospel.

In 2014 VTCF has become more than 50 churches, with a combined membership of over 1,500 people. We now have churches in 18 of the 76 provinces of Thailand, and in several sub-districts of those provinces. In addition to pioneering church plants all over Thailand, there is a natural expansion into neighboring Asian nations. This is more than a nine-fold increase since 2007. This has only been possible because God's people have worked together for the expansion of His Kingdom. We give God all the glory for His grace to expand this large ministry that He has entrusted to us.