GFI Africa/Canada

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Gospel Fire International reaches out with good news to distant people - Transforming Communities Globally and providing hope, help and a future.

Many people in our world live in complete spiritual darkness, captive to ideologies, false religion and animistic practices. Their situation often is pathetic, as many live in dire spiritual and physical need. 

Gospel Fire International have made it their primary goal to reach the still unreached people in eastern and central Africa, but also in places where people have run to seek refuge from hostility. Networking and becoming one team with local organizations is important to GFI, as they help people to experience God’s Love in a tangible way. In areas where there are local churches, GFI loves to team up for the expressed purpose of having shared vision. We desire to see fruit that remains.

"Winning people to Jesus is our passion, seeing them become disciples of Jesus is key. Having new church plants spring up gets us excited. We love what we are doing."