Eastern Mennonite Missions

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Christís transforming love compels us to engage the world, cross cultures, and make disciples of Jesus.

EMM personnel share the good news of Jesus and His kingdom in many ways – through pioneer witness, business for transformation projects, ministry to children at risk, discipleship training, education, health and community development, hospitality, international partnerships, leadership training, and Muslim ministry

Whether you’re gifted as an accountant, musician, teacher, or medical professional … whether you enjoy coffee and conversation, caring for guests, or playing sports with youth … God can use your unique set of skills and experiences to build the kingdom.

Jeremy and Jennifer Janzen are serving as EMM's Regional Reps for Southeast Asia. They will be developing and shaping regional goals and strategies. They will oversee EMM appointed persons who live in the region, managing the funds for EMM projects in Southeast Asia as well as maintaining relationships with national partners and network connections.