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RE:ACT- Recovery Education For Addiction and Complex Trauma. To provide care and education to help broken people become whole in Christ.

RE:ACT is coming January 7, 2019

RE:ACT is an Outpatient Treatment Centre (Recovery for Addiction and Complex Trauma) run by Finding Freedom BC

97% of people in addiction experienced childhood trauma in their home, school or church. This is not simply physical or sexual trauma; it also includes any dynamics that cause the child not to feel safe or unconditionally loved. RE:ACT helps people understand how that trauma affected them-not just in becoming an addict, but in all aspects of their lives.

0% of people in recovery stay clean and sober if they do not develop healthy relationships and a healthy support network. RE:ACT helps people do that. Healing from addiction and trauma will take up to 2 years for most people, and that is what we hope to offer with a long term program, where people will receive teaching, counseling, learning life skills, job skills, relationship skills, building a healthy network, and transitioning gradually into life.